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La última versión MARGINAL Versión 7.0 Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, GWARNET / GWARNET GOLD trampas en el modo! Auto Headshot + 1 Hit, Sala de RPG interior, Kill Control (live set), Burst SG 1 Hit, Pena anti, anti Respawn, Precisión 100% de daño del 30%, Wallhac, hack ESP, Dino hack, cambio rápido, Ajuste Reemplazar, Auto Fuego SG, Luxvile Bug, Hp arriba, QuickChange, macros, etc Todo Windows + PointBlank Trabajo Trabajo Especial Cheat todas las versiones en el Indo Mundial PB, españoles, taly, Rusia, América Latina, Turquía, Tahadi, Filipinas, Tailandia, Etc.

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Cheat 2 as ALL Country Read Recomendation in Under Post! (Click Download cheat2)
Cheat one just for Indonesia!

Do to Show Off

Downloads Cheat 2[Turkeys,Spanyol,Italy,PH,TH,Rusia,Etc]
No Password

D3D Menu
Indo Mini
Select Chams
Chams Terrorists
Chams Police
No Smoke
No Fog
No flashbang
ESP Menu
Box hack
Name Tag
Esp line
Player Menu
Anti Respawn (Dual Bombs Not Use to)
Grade Change
Set Dino Mode
Bug Luxvile
Auto Headshot
Weapon Menu
Damage + +
Acraccy 100%
Replace Set
Auto Fire SG
Macro Mouse
1 Hit Dino Claw
RPG7 insde
Kills Control
ESP List Room
Anti Banned
HS Tutorial
Exit Game

Recommendation 2 Cheat
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PointBlank Russia [Active]
PointBlank Thailand [Active]
PointBlank Philippines [Active]
PointBlank Turkey [Active]
PointBlank Indonesia [Active]
PointBlank Tahadi / ARAB [Active]
PointBlank Colombia / Latin America [Active]
PointBlank Korea [Active]
PointBlank Amrika / PBLackout (Nothing)
PointBlank SG / Singapore [Active]
Hotkeys D3D Menu:
Direction Arrow Right = ON
Direction Arrow Left Off
Direction Arrow ats & Down Choose cit
Open PB launcher | Open PB Launc
Open Cheat | Open Cheat
Exit Message Box / notice | Display Message >> Click OK
Ok, ok just Hepii Cheatting dah
=> RPG Inside ALL Room could replace disposable RPG = on his way inside the room Myspace scrool to smoke, tara,, disposable RPG (if disposable RPG anti pinalty klo kick in, do not diminish your point)
=> Controls Killer On the RPG dlu, then on the ESPList Room, Select at the enemy who would kill, firing RPGs into the body / To the bottom / suicide, the dead guy Myspace that you choose not her, it fits okay pham make war when combat citer,,

Auto HS
=> DM / Death Match = new 1x On right Headshot Headshot Auto, up to 2x respawn (eg dah headshot on it you die, quiet ja still on,, Myspace if off again / to the new twice OFFkan)

=> BM = 2x respawn equal opportunity km off the first round you hs eg 1x then on the second round belom off well do not be offkan,, tpi klo Myspace round to the same 3 to 4 new death OFFkan,
klo you die until 2x = offkan

Description: FOR WINDOWS 7 and Windows Vista
-Open Cheat Do not Use DOUBLE click!!!
But using the right-click-Runadministrator
-Open the PB was also not wearing Double Click
But using the right-click-Runadministrator also
Okay understand KAN

Tested Windows Xp = 3 hours + + WORK!
Tested Windows 7 = 2 hours + + WORK!

Created By Huda

! 19-21 julio, 2012 Pointblank kaybo / español Hack Respawn, habilidades muertos, daños de errores, Blanco, munición infinita, etc TODO EL TRABAJO OS sólo gratis Not For Sale Leer más: 07/19-21-july-2012-pointblank-kaybos panyol

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Work in PB kaybo/spanyol,colombia and italy just wallhack

Downloads Cheat
No Password
Me Gusta !

[-] Chams CT
[-] CharmTR
[-] Chams Weapon
[-] Chams Tembok
[-] Wh All Map
[-] Wh All Char
[-] No Smoke


[-] No Recoil ( Auto On )
[-] Ammo ( ON/OFF)
[-] Galaxi ( Bugh Mode )
[-] Pland 0 Detik
[-] Deafuse 0 Detik
[-] RID ( Reaspawn Is Dead )

How to Use Cheat 
  1. Open Cheat
  2. Open PB 'r Pointblank
  3. Start Pointblank

Hotkeys D3D Menu:

D3d Menu On/OFF : INSERT
Right Arrow ON
Left Arrow Off
Up and Down Arrow On/OFF

Created By Donny Ahmad Fauzi
Thanks to Agoes and Welly

Read more:

Download Cheat PB 29 Juni 2012 D3D Menu

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Fitur + Hotkey:
[x] D3D menu On/Off = Insert
[x] Kiri/Kanan = On/Off
[x] Atas/Bawah = Pilih menu

Cara pemakaian  : 
[x] Donwload Injector Diatas Sama dll nya
[x] Run PB launcher.exe

[x] Run cheat /Geps 1.3

[x] Start PB

[x] Klik Select DLL For Inject .
[x] Pilih DLL Yang Di download Barusan 
[x] Terus Klik Resume To PB

[x] Muncul Notice Tekan Ok/Enter
[x] On kan cheat sebelum play/ready. Saat respawn juga boleh deh.
[x] Hepi cheatting. 

Jika cheat error, download jamu pendukung cheat dibawah ini:
[x] Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Install)
[x] Vcredist x86 (Install)
[x] d3dx9_32.dll (Simpan di System32) 
[x] d3dx9_34.dll (Simpan di System32)  
[x] d3dx9_36.dll (Simpan di System32)  
[x] d3dx9_38.dll (Simpan di System32) 
[x] D3DX9_41.dll (Simpan di System32)
[x] D3DX9_42.dll (Simpan di System32)
[x] D3DX9_43.dll (Simpan di Folder PB)
[x] msvcr100.dll (Simpan di Folder PB)
[x] msvcp100.dll (Simpan di Folder PB)
[x] msvcr100d.dll (Simpan di System32)
[x] msvcp100d.dll (Simpan di System32)

Pasang Kode Iklan sobat yg berukuran 120 x 600 disini!!!